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Highlighting our April speaker!  Joy Ruhmann was very informative. 

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"Freedom is not the sole prerogative of a chosen few, but the universal right of all God's children."    Ronald Reagan, 1985

Joy Stroud Ruhmann

President, Level Up Leadership

State Director, Convention of States North Carolina

Joy Ruhmann, a native of Raleigh, N.C., is a passionate and engaging change agent who focuses on helping leaders and their teams understand and resolve unique people issues that serve as obstacles to their success.  Her personal motto, as well as her company brand is to Aspire to Better and she focuses on Better Hires, Better Communication and Better Leadership as she believes these three together lead to Better Results!

In her spare time, Joy is equally passionate about advancing the mission and goal of Convention of States, North Carolina. Convention of States is a national movement of volunteers working to exercise our rights as Americans to influence our state legislators to call for a Convention of States limited to proposing amendments to the Constitution that:

Implementing term limits on all Federal officials, including judges and bureaucrats,

Imposing fiscal restraints on the federal government and

Limiting their scope and responsibility.

Our real mission is to build the largest most educated and engaged grass roots army this country has ever seen.  Our goal is to work with legislatures across the country to pass our resolution to call for a convention.

We have over 5 million supporters and 1.8 million petition signers.  Here in North Carolina we have over 65,000 petitioners, about 75 active volunteers and are growing rapidly every day!

 Our May General Meeting​

will be held on Thursday, May 6

Sophie's Grill

2734 NC-55

Check in beginning at 11:00, Program at 12:00

We welcome Joy Stroud Ruhmann

to speak on The Convention of States​​


Our regular venue is still not available and we are very grateful to Sophie's for making us feel so welcome.

You will order off the menu and pay individually.