​Dr. Laura Gutman

Issues Confronting Our Nation

Dr. Gutman is a founder of ICON, a conservative lecture series in Chapel Hill that focuses on "issues confronting our nation".  ICON's hope is to reach out to students from middle school to college age offering them a balanced education to counteract the leftist indoctrination they receive from public education. ICON lectures are also open to adult members of the community.  Learn more at  www.iconlectureseries.com

About Dr. Gutman in her own words:

     My background is as an Army brat as a child, where I lived in over 20 places before college, including several in early post-war Europe.  My husband was in the US Navy during Viet Nam, so I am very military-oriented.  I went through medical school and early medical training at Stanford, the University of Washington, and Duke.  We were stationed in Taiwan during the 1960s, then joined the faculty at U Washington, and then at Duke starting in 1971, where I was on the senior faculty in Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Pharmacology.  My major responsibilities included the medical care of children with tuberculosis and HIV.  I also worked in Fayetteville for 15 years at the Child Maltreatment Clinic, and had retired from both positions by about 2 years ago.

    For the past 10 years I have been on the Board of the national organization NumbersUSA, one of the three major organizations advocating that immigration policies should be formulated to benefit US citizenry.  I migrated to a deep concern for our immigration policies from a background in advocacy in environmentalism when I realized that population stress was undoing much of the efforts to achieve environmental goals, and have been immersed in these issues for about 30 years.

    Several of the specific issues I would like to address at the lunch meeting include:

The history of numbers of immigrants into the US, and the history of amnesties (there have been very very many) with their consequences.

The main organizations that work for the American public toward citizen-supporting policies.

Our major problem is mass LEGAL immigration, and media barely recognizing that fact.  Distortions experienced by natives from mass immigration on schools, health, incomes, safety, taxation, family formation, and environment.  We are importing poverty.  

Refugee program issues.

False assumptions that support mass immigration include:  "We NEED expanding population to create expanding GNP", and "We NEED mass immigration to care for aging population".  Top priorities to rectify the national well-being: Recognize that these problems are CHOICES we and OUR ELITE take due to perverse incentives (cheap labor, sympathy for stranger at expense of own citizens, padding voter base).  Mandate and enforce universal E-verify, and cease chain migration programs.  Align numbers of immigration permits with unemployment rates, rising wages at lower ends of scale, evidence of integration into main society (language skills, off welfare).


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